Manage Booking Qatar Airways Hypnotic Feminization for Voice Reprograming

Hello, it is a pleasure to see you here, in this place you have chosen to find a beautiful, feminine part of yourself that has long been locked away. It is great to see that you have finally come to find your voice.You are a beautiful woman, and it is an honor for me to welcome you to the sisterhood of women. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having the wisdom and the courage to take time for yourself and allow yourself to develop fully into who you are.You are about to go on a very special journey, a gentle journey to the center of your body, to the core of your personality, a journey that will help you find the obstacles that have been making it difficult for you to access your real self, your real beauty, and your real voice – the natural, feminine voice of a beautiful woman. Follow my guidance, and you will find these obstacles and overcome them.Make yourself comfortable,. Allow yourself to relax – you are about to go on a very special journey that will turn you into exactly the person you always wanted to be. Find yourself a comfortable place, a place that allows you to relax and do something positive for yourself. Adjust your posture and position and make yourself perfectly comfortable.Now, close your eyes,, and place your right thumb and index finger together really hard. Keep pressing. Now, take a deep breath and hold it in your lungs as I count to 5.
1 – 2 – You are consciously building up tension –
3 – Take control of this tension with your body as you press your thumb and index finger together even harder.
4. At 5, let go. Let the air out of your lungs, release the pressure between thumb and index finger, and relax.Keep your eyes closed. If you keep your eyes closed, it will be much easier for you to focus and use your imagination. You can give your own input and shape the ideas and suggestions I give you with your own, beautiful voice. You can create the sound of your dreams, and take part in shaping your future.Allow yourself now to go into trance. Go-into-trance. Remember these three words. Every time you hear them, it will be easier for you to reach a state of trance and access the depth of your subconscious. When you hear the words “Go-into-trance” you will be able to access your subconscious more directly and embed suggestions in it more effectively, suggestions that will free up the beautiful feminine voice that has been locked up inside you, the natural woman’s voice you have always dreamed of.This is your trance,, and this is your voice. A beautiful voice, a charming voice, the voice of a woman who knows herself and knows what she wants. You decide what feels most comfortable to you. I am only a background, a frame to guide you through this experience and give you the ideas and suggestions you want to incorporate into your life. The details are up to you.You are using both your conscious and your subconscious mind in this process. Your conscious mind has decided what it wants, and made you take this step. Maybe it can already hear what your voice is going to sound like once it finds its way out of its cage. During the trance you will go inside yourself, into your center, into a feeling where you are at peace.This is where you reach your subconscious, which is also part of this experience, a part of your mind that allows you to access a deeper layer of your personality. Maybe this is where your female voice has been hiding. Maybe this is the place where you can rediscover your female voice and reactivate it. The subconscious lies below your thinking level. It is the mind of your body. It manages the way you speak and sing. It holds the key to your dreams. All you need to do is give the right suggestions to it, and you are guaranteed to find your female voice – a natural feminine voice with a beautiful feminine inflection that has only been waiting to move into your voice box. Much too long, your voice box has been occupied by a hostile male voice reluctant to move out.But this is about to stop. Now you have taken command of things yourself,. Here you are to take a journey to the depth of your mind and body, to work on yourself and turn yourself into the beautiful woman you are at your core. You deserve to be this woman, and this woman deserves her voice. Soon, this feminine voice with its beautiful feminine inflection will flow naturally from your voice box without embarrassing male overtones, without anything fake, naturally like a shining mountain stream gushing out of the rocks like pearls, light and feminine, without thinking.Enjoy your relaxation and go more deeply and comfortably into trance. I will count from 10 down to zero. Each time I count down further, relax more and more deeply.

10 – Relax. Feel your legs and arms relax, your torso, hips, and center.
9 – Release any tension in your head, neck, and shoulders.
8 – Let the muscles on your crown loosen.
7 – Feel how the muscles relax across your face and give you a beautiful, relaxed feeling of serenity and smooth, soft beauty.
6 – feel your throat and voice box relax. Feel how a feeling of softness spreads in your voice box. Feel it relax and dissolve, ready to be reshaped into something smaller and softer.
5 – Feel the support beneath your body and allow this material to hold all your weight.
4 – Feel airy angel songs fill you with relaxation from the sky. Feel these light, bright voices reverberate in your soft voice box, while a lower, heavier pitch trickles out of it into the ground beneath you.
3 – You are feeling more and more at ease with yourself. You have a feeling of coming home, of finally feeling what it’s like to be at home in your body.
2 – This time is for you. Continue deepening your trance, and enjoy how deeply mind and body are connected in this experience, hear how they form a tone together, sing a single note in a beautiful voice that has been sleeping deep inside you, waiting to be molded together and released. Feel this note reverberate into your soft female voice box. Feel its shape adjust around this pitch, assuming the shape that fits this beautiful, natural, feminine tone.
1 – Feel the bliss and happiness from this gentle journey into yourself. Go down to zero and continue. You are still hearing the note, it is reverberating throughout your body, making you feel deeply relaxed and very very good.Taking this journey, you will learn new, useful skills. Using trance as you are now, you can educate your subconscious to remember or forget things according to your needs. You can teach your subconscious to forget unhelpful things and negative old habits you have had for many years, and you can teach it to remember helpful new things and positive new habits that help you be who you want to be in a relaxed and natural way.Your past only exists through your memory of it, and you can change this. You can release memories and change your attitude to them. You can build your own history and tell your own story with your own voice. It is right here, waiting only to be picked up as you access a new layer of your mind and release it from its cage.This is a very special ritual of healing that belongs only to you,. Healing the past, and healing yourself is very special. Let your own thoughts, your own voice, and your own imagination flow into this session and use them for your own development and wellbeing. This is a special time you have created for yourself.Lie down and feel the earth beneath you. Feel the air touch your skin, and the earth beneath you. You feel safe here, and good. You hear something like a siren calling you, but at the same time, it seems like a human voice, an airy material that has been part of you forever, and has been patiently waiting to connect with you. You feel your whole body vibrate with this voice.You follow its call and climb down a canyon. Climb deeper and deeper into the canyon and hear the beautiful feminine voice amplify and echo through it. It is much clearer now that this is a female voice. Not too high, simply feminine and natural. Feel how it reverberates in your voice box and fills it, as if your voice box has been waiting to be filled with it. Finally, you get to the ground of the canyon where you find a river.The clear droplets of the river remind you of something beautiful, and you bend down. They spray your face with a light, bright sound, glittering like pearls, and immediately, your face feels refreshed and moisturized. You drink some of the water and feel how the bright, pearly liquid cools your throat, where it stays and gives shape to something. You feel the bright, pearly water in your throat. Some of it flows down into your belly, and you feel an intense calm, as if you have finally made the connection that was necessary to be who you are and speak with your real voice.As you enjoy the coolness and the beauty of the water, you merge with it. You realize that you have become one with it, that you’re inside the stream now. It invites you in, it passionately sucks you in, and you passionately follow the beautiful feeling it gives you. You swim and dive to the bottom of the stream. There, the current pulls you down lower, and still, you feel its passion, and you passionately follow it. Finally, it pulls you through, and you emerge in an underground pool. You see a light.You climb out of the pool and follow the light walking along the stream. Finally, the stream turns, and you see an opening. This is where the light comes from. You climb through the opening into the sunlight. There is an entire world of trees and plants, a beautiful forest with birds and animals, a beautiful fresh, clean breeze gently stroking your skin.Feeling the gentle breeze and seeing your beautiful surroundings, a bright, feminine laugh escapes you naturally, and you feel so happy, pearly tears run down your cheeks. Hearing you laugh, the animals are so enchanted, they all come towards you to smile at you, and welcome you,, in their midst.You keep walking, enjoying the beauty around you. The air is so clean and pure, so bright and natural. You feel like you’re moving farther away from the world of imprisonment and embarrassment you have left behind. You feel free, you feel good with yourself. You feel like you are going to discover a new treasure in yourself soon if you keep following this path.You find a small bridge across the stream and at the end of a wooden pathway behind it, you see a small but welcoming little cottage. You cross the bridge. A graceful leopard greets you, saying: “Welcome, welcome! Please know you are safe here. I greet you in our midst!” The leopard bows to you and gracefully walks away, swishing its tail left and right, leaving a path behind in the high, yellow grass. You feel proud to be received by the beautiful leopard and bow.As you bow, you feel like you can go even deeper into trance. You can see the door of the cottage. With each count, you walk one step closer to the cottage. Once again, a beautiful sound vibrates throughout your surroundings and reverberates in your body like a warm, natural woman’s voice, making you relax more and more deeply.10 – 9 – 8 – You are coming closer to the cottage.
7 – 6 – 5 – You are going more deeply and comfortably into your trance.
4 – 3 – You’re very close now,, the door is right in front of you.
2 – You reach for the handle.
1 – The door opens, and a beautiful, wise old woman with long white hair smiles at you warmly. She welcomes you and guides you through the cottage into her greenhouse.There is an abundance of beautiful herbs in it, green and colorful, large and small. They bow to you and welcome you. “At your service,!”, they seem to be saying with their gentle movements. There is a quiet, fragrant air inside the greenhouse. You feel safe, happy and relaxed here. The woman smiles at you. She understands. She breathes in the beautiful air with you and gestures for you to let out your voice, to not be afraid.You open your mouth, but instead of your voice, a strong stream of air with a voice-like texture breaks through your throat. It makes you feel good. It feels like a big release, like something coming out that has been bothering you forever. Although there is no sound, the stream vibrates. You feel free and happy. At the same time, beautiful, fragrant herbs are reaching out to you with their leaves and stems, growing towards you, stretching towards you, their fragrance and essential oils streaming in through your mouth, swarming together in your throat, clearing it, creating a beautiful, bright, clear feeling in your throat. You feel free, you feel like you can now let go of an old burden that has been bothering you for a long time.The herbal aromas help you breathe, you can detect something like menthol, like peppermint, spearmint, even rose, a pink, rosy color is hovering inside your throat, and other unknown magic aromas make you feel free, careless, and happy.You look over at the old woman, and her eyes sparkle at you. She is happy for you. She knows that a transformation is taking place in you, and she is here to help you complete it. Politely, she comes closer, and places her palms near your throat. She closes her eyes and concentrates. Finally, she has the information she needs, turns her palms around and looks at them like she is reading from them.She takes a cauldron from a little stove and walks through the greenhouse past all the beautiful herbs and plants. As she keeps walking, a vine stretches her, crosses itself off the list on her palms, and jumps straight into the cauldron. The woman bows to the plant and keeps walking. More and more herbs reach out, cross themselves off the list and jump into the cauldron. After she has gathered an abundance of herbs, she brews a cup of tea for you on her little stove. This is the perfect tea to heal you and help you unlock the treasure inside you.It has been created especially for you. It is the medicine that will help you heal.The woman points to a stack of clay potting pots, and gestures for you to take one. You take one of the pots and hold it in your hands. It feels very light. You sit down at the table. The woman places your hands on both sides of the pot. Feeling the cool pot in your hands, you start remembering the past, sifting through it for memories and experiences that have been bothering you and blocking your path.

Your mind stops whenever it discovers an unhelpful memory and sends it through your hands into the clay. You are reaching deeply within yourself, and more and more, your mind seems to focus on a single subject. It remembers your voice change, and the heavy, low male voice that has haunted you ever since. You let all of this flow into the pot and notice how the stream is growing stronger and more powerful, how your hands are now getting sucked to the pot with great force, as if the pot is sucking this negative energy out of you, freeing you from this uncomfortable voice, freeing you from the discomfort and embarrassment you have felt so many times when this voice has escaped your body. You let it stream out of you, and the pot sucks it in and absorbs it.You remember all the situations when you have talked like a man, and all the bad feelings you have had in connection with your voice. You release these memories and send them out of you, away from you. The pot is helping you. It is sucking this energy, these bad memories out of you like a powerful vacuum cleaner. With each memory you release, you feel lighter, safer and happier.Finally, the memories stop coming, and the pot stops sucking, releasing your hands. The old woman puts her hand on your arm lovingly and gestures for you to follow her to the backdoor and take the pot with you. As you lift it up, you notice that it has become much heavier than before. It is now filled with the burden that has been inside you for so long. You take the pot with you and follow the woman. She opens the back door, smiles, and bows to send you on your way.Behind the greenhouse you find yourself in a beautiful orchard. You find one tree that has especially beautiful fruit, small, shining purple berries. The tree is waving at you, pointing you to a spot on the ground. You look at it and find a flat rock. Seeing the rock, you know what to do. You take the clay pot up and smash it on the rock. It breaks in two. You pick up the pieces and smash them again. You keep smashing away, and the pieces become smaller and smaller as they crash onto the rock. You smash the pot to pieces, you pulverize it, until, finally, you realize that there is nothing left of it but fine clay powder.You take the powder and sprinkle it around the tree that has pointed you towards the rock. You see how the powder is absorbed quickly by the earth, and sucked up by the tree.You look up, and the tree is smiling at you. It has received this special energy from you. Your trouble has become healing energy, and you see how the small purple fruit have become larger and juicier.You feel light and free. You have let go of the memories that have been blocking you. You are free of embarrassment and free of the voice that has been haunting you through all these years. You are now ready to become who you really are. You are ready to speak with your own voice,, a natural, beautiful woman’s voice!You feel so light you lift of the ground and float up higher and higher until you reach the clouds. You walk through a cloud tunnel. It is beautiful and shimmers. You feel safe. You feel healed and full of energy. You get to an opening in the clouds, step through it, and find yourself back to where you have started doing your trance work.As I count from 10 down to 0, allow yourself to feel at peace and move on to the next part of your day. You can either use this countdown to drift off into a peaceful and refreshing sleep, or to gradually rise to the surface and return to wakefulness, feeling refreshed and light, happy, and new.You have done your trance work. You have set into motion a healing process that will allow you to heal your past and create a bright future for yourself. You are the woman. You are the voice.10 – 9 – You let go. You release the past.
8 – 7 – Good.
5 – You feel refreshed.
4 – Your body can move again. Find a good position to sleep, or prepare for waking up.
3 – 2 – Notice that you can fulfill your dreams using your subconscious mind.
1 – Congratulations,. You have healed your past. Welcome back to the present – welcome to YOUR present. You have done good work. Zero. Here you are. Exactly where you want to be. Welcome.

6 Tips To Find A Good Purchasing Agent

Are you looking for a good purchasing agent for your business? If so, you should know that many of the agents may not be qualified. You need to keep in mind that purchasing agents play a great role as far as international trade is concerned. They act like a bridge between buyers and sellers. If you want to choose a good sourcing or purchasing agent, we suggest that you follow the tips given below.

1. Language

The agent you are going to hire should have good command of the language spoken in the target country. This includes both written and spoken English and other languages. You know that language plays a great role in communication between business owners around the globe. Therefore, a good command over the desired language is a quality that your agent should have. If the professional is not well versed in the language that is spoken in that country, how can they be able to talk to the sellers in that country? They won’t be able to communicate and bargain well, which will increase their chance of getting ripped off.

2. Good morality

Your desired agent should know how to behave and protect the interests of foreign buyers in the target country. They should not take you to the scammers in the target country. Aside from this, they should be true to their words. In other words, they should have a high standard of morality. If you know that an agent asks for commission from both the buyer and the seller, you should stay away from them and look for some other agent. A good purchasing agent will never indulge in such acts.

3. Knowledge of import and export

A good sourcing agent should have good relationship with local authorities of the target country. They should be familiar with the policies of that country regarding import and export. Moreover, they should be familiar with the regulations related to import and export, which is very important to avoid lawsuits.

4. Purchasing methods

Your purchasing agent should know how to source or buy different items without killing a lot of time. They should know the best markets where your desired products can be purchased. Aside from this, they should know how they could get the best prices. And if you get a product at the lowest price, you can make the highest profit.

5. Familiarity with the product or industry

The agent should be familiar with the product or service you are interested in. For instance, if you want to buy ductile iron castings, we suggest that you look for an agent who is familiar with these products. There is no doubt that this field has certain terms and they should be familiar with these terms.

6. Knowledge of the international laws

Your sourcing agent should be familiar with international laws and other practices, such as quota issues, anti-dumping issues, tax issues and certification issues, to name a few.